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Every year, during the months of January thru March the Souled Out Band proudly presents their "African-American Contributions to American Music" presentation and concert. Available to Middle and High Schools throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region, this roughly hour-long multimedia presentation takes a decade by decade look at African-American heritage, music, cultural progression, and socioeconomic milestones throughout American history.


Meet your host

Genesis Finley

Born 1998 in Winchester, VA, Genesis is a self-taught artist, advanced studies graduate of John Handley High School and a student of George Mason University's Marketing program. Genesis began creating at a very young age, but took a more serious route with art around the age of 18. She currently runs her own business, "Creations of Genesis" specializing in canvas acrylic paintings, digital art and a variety of other artistic creations. focused primarily on African American themes.  but has a very wide range of art styles that she creates. Genesis’ biggest goal with art is for people to see her work and be inspired. Inspired to create, inspired to be great people, inspired to love, inspired to be kind to others, & inspired to love this beautiful thing we call life.

You can view and/or purchase Genesis' work at:


Souled Out absolutely loves sharing this presentation and concert with schools, as well as the rare opportunity to educated and entertain today's youth! We typically perform the entire show 3-4 times on the same day, so that you can bring in each grade separately, during different blocks....but we're willing to work with you to accommodate your class/block schedule.

Please direct any questions or booking inquiries to:

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