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Every year, during January, February, and March, we proudly present our "Black History Month" presentation and concert to Middle and High Schools throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. This (roughly) hour-long multimedia presentation and concert highlights African-American heritage, music, cultural progression, and socio-economic milestones. We progress through the presentation, discussing important information and topics from decade to decade, from the 1950s, all the way up to current events. We also perform popular music from each decade, ending with a performance of some of today's top hits.

We have found this to be a very engaging experience for Middle and High school-aged kids, as it provides them with a solid informational foundation, as well as a music/concert experience. 

We would love to share this presentation and concert with your school, and your children! We typically perform the entire show 3-4 times on the same day, so that you can bring in each grade separately, during different blocks....but we're willing to work with you to accommodate your class/block schedule.

Please direct any questions or booking inquiries to:

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