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Souled Out blends popular artists from the most known genre's of music in a fashion that keeps you dancing until the party/event ends. From rock and roll to rhythm and blues, Souled Out meets all their fans’ and clients’ musical desires.


This high-energy dance band encourages fans to put on their dancing shoes and dance the night away with a long list of song choices guaranteed to satisfy all age groups.


Historically, Souled Out has opened for or performed with national recording acts such as Tower of Power, Clarence Carter and The Average White Band. Also notable is a performance at The Rock and Soul Revue at Nissan Pavilion, which included appearances by Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates, and The Average White Band.


Souled Out accommodates fans with their own DJ to keep the party going during breaks and merchandise for those who really enjoy the show.  Once they start, THE PARTY DOESN'T STOP!!


Lydell Patterson

Vocals, Bass Guitar, DJ, Arrangements

Born in Middlesboro, Kentucy in 1963, Lydell recalls playing along to 45 inch records on his uncle's drum set as early as age 5. At age 6 his family relocated to Martinsburg, WV, where he acquired is own drum set and continued to hone his musical interests by organizing jam sessions with friends in his bedroom. Following another relocation at age 13, this time to Winchester, VA, Lydell picked up and taught himself how to play rhythm guitar. By age 16, Lydell was playing drums in the jazz, concert and marching bands in high school. He continued gathering friends for jam sessions, this time in his basement. In 1983, while attending Howard University, Lydell developed the skill of Dj’ing and was given the opportunity to host and spin records for his own radio show on campus radio station WHBC. Also while at Howard, Lydell started playing bass guitar, learned to play keyboards, started producing, composing and writing songs.

After Howard, Lydell began teaching a friend bass guitar parts, who then introduced him to Robbie Shiley. Robbie asked Lydell if he would be interested in filling in for his drummer who was ill, thus starting Lydell's professional music career in 1986. He initially started playing the drums, then gradually moved out front singing, learning how to not just play and sing, but how to entertain an audience. Grand Illuzion, the band Lydell was a part of, travelled up and down the east coast until they disbanded in 1989.

Following the disbandment of Grand Illuzion, Lydell took a break from playing to focus on writing and producing for himself, friends, and local artists for a few years. In 1995, he returned to playing in another genre and on a different instrument, as the bass guitarist and lead singer in the rock band Mama's Nightmare. During that year, he honed his skills in playing bass and singing simultaneously.

In 1996, Lydell formed his own band, Basement Funk, a reference to the musical gatherings and jam sessions he had back in high school and college days. At the end of 1996, Lydell received a call from his old friend Robbie Shiley about playing a one-time gig coming up in 1997. This led to the formation of a new band, which eventually became Souled Out!. As they say, the rest is history!

Robbie Shiley

Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Sound - THE BOSS!

Robbie started playing drums at the age of 6 and joined bands by age 7. He quickly gained experience performing in church talent shows and was invited to play in a country band with local musicians much older than himself. At the age of 10, Robbie began playing in a professional gospel group called "Flame," which traveled extensively and performed at churches throughout the region.

By the age of 12, Robbie started experimenting with stringed instruments and formed a high school country band while also playing drums in a Fleetwood Mac-style band called "Atlantis" and a country group called "The Chaparrals." After high school, Robbie became part of a popular country group named "Cindy Joy and the Crosswinds," where he perfected his vocals and guitar playing.

In the mid-80s, Robbie started a top 40 band named "Grand Illuzion" that performed up and down the east coast. The band needed a new drummer, and Robbie's friend introduced him to Lydell Patterson, a high school classmate. Lydell joined the band as the new drummer, and they have been playing together for over 40 years. When Robbie started Souled Out in 1996, Lydell moved to the bass guitar, and the rest is history.

Robbie's musical talent originated from his strong involvement in his church, and he remains an active member to this day. He is grateful for the support he receives from Souled Out and the people he has met through his music career, particularly Lydell, Jeff, Graham, Larry, Dan, and many others. With 56 years of music in his soul, Robbie is still learning every day and strives to perfect everything he does. He feels blessed to be surrounded by the group of talented musicians that he works with.

Graham SPICE!

Vocals, Keys, Effects ,Sound & Tech


Graham Spice is the newest member of the legendary band Souled Out based in Winchester, VA. With over 35 years of professional experience as a keyboard player, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the group. In addition to his work with Souled Out, Graham is a professor at Shenandoah Conservatory, where he teaches classes in music production, sound design, and game audio. He is also certified as an Ableton Certified Trainer, Avid Certified Instructor for Pro Tools, and Wwise Certified Instructor.

When not playing with Souled Out or teaching at the Conservatory, Graham can be found producing and recording area artists, as well as playing guitar, piano, or the computer with various groups. He lives in Winchester with his wife and two kids

Jeff  Bell

Drums, Effects, Artistic/Media Nerd

A member of the Souled Out family from the beginning, Jeff enjoys contributing to anything artistic.  Participating in good music performance, and helping people enjoy themselves is at the top of that list!  Though frequently told he doesn't seem to be enjoying himself, don't let the steady facial posture fool you... There's a party going on in the drum area!

Larry Banks

Equipment, Lights, Dance Instructor, Bands Right Hand Man


Larry is a native of Winchester, graduate of John Handley High School.

Cousin of the Jeff, Larry started showing up with him every gig, helping unload/load equipment and catering to the band while they performed.  This lead to a paycheck and respected position with the group.

For 26 years he served as a Volunteer Firefighter for Friendship Fire Station, in Winchester.

Over his volunteer years, he was awarded:

The Bravery and Dedication award - March 2008,  Firefighter of the Year - January 2008

and The Marvel C Bailey Award - January 2009

Currently I spend my time trying to be the best husband and father I can to my wife and three children. I am a huge Michigan Wolverines fan and love watching college football, in general.

I love being a part of the band because I love music and get the opportunity to meet and socialize with new people.

Larry also knows most of the popular line dances, and doesn't mind stepping in when things get a little "un-manageble"

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